Reuse email addresses in different accounts

Do you have an employee that already has a profile in another account? Is their email address being rejected because it is already used? Unfortunately, email addresses must be unique across the WorkSked platform because they are used for sign ins and password resets. There is however a simple solution in many cases.

Many email providers allow address tags or subaddressing and these can be used to create unique usernames with the same email address. For example, your employee’s email address is and is being used in account A. In account B they could use an address tag like where the label text can be anything. All emails from WorkSked would be delivered to

Here’s a more advanced example for a Gmail user. The employee is using address tags on both email addresses. This has the added benefit of being able to label and filter emails coming from WorkSked within the Gmail application.

Store A :
Store B :

Again, both of these email addresses will deliver to

Webmail providers Gmail, iCloud,, and Yahoo Mail all support address tags. Please check with each provider as the separator character (plus sign for Gmail) can be different. Other email providers and server software might also support address tags, check with your email provider.

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