What are the different security levels?

WorkSked allows you to assign different privileges based on the employee’s role within your company or organization.

The application has four security levels:

  • Account Owner — Full access to WorkSked. There is only one account owner per account.
  • Administrator — Almost full access to WorkSked. Administrators cannot access the billing section, change the account owner, generate a new account token, or delete the account. They can perform all other actions.
  • Department Manager — Limited access to WorkSked. Department managers can create schedules and manage employees for their assigned department(s) only. They do not have access to the account settings or other departments.
  • Regular Employee — Very limited access to WorkSked. Regular employees can only view schedules, modify their profile, and request time off. It is not necessary to provide permission to sign in to WorkSked as most regular employees can interact with the platform using the public pages.

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