Create and manage schedules

A schedule in WorkSked is always a week, starting on your day of choice. Both shifts and time offs can appear on a schedule.

There are a few requirements to create schedules:

  • Employees — you need some employees to schedule.
  • Locations, Departments, and Positions — you need to define your location(s), the department(s) within each location, and the position(s) within each department.

Once your account is properly set up, creating a schedule is very easy. Your first steps are to select a department and a week on the Schedules page. You now have an empty canvas to create a schedule. All you have to do is add shifts and then publish it. Each employee on the schedule will receive an email with their shifts listed. That’s it!

Adding shifts to a schedule can be done using various methods:

  • Adding shifts individually — add each shift using the Add Shift button.
  • Duplicating a schedule — duplicate an entire week using the Duplicate Last Week command (located in the More sub-menu — represented by the more button).
  • Dragging and dropping — move and copy shifts on the Schedules page by dragging and dropping shifts.

Editing a schedule is just as easy. Make changes using the aforementioned methods. Once you’ve completed your changes to the schedule, just publish it again. Any employees whose schedule has changed, will receive an email with their updated schedule.

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